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Zenimax: ‘elder Scrolls Online’ On Ps4 To Have Dedicated Servers, Ps Plus Not Required

Matt Firor, the Game Director for ZeniMax Online, has recently taken to the PlayStation Blog to answer community questions about the upcoming fantasy MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. With the Q&A session, Firor aims to inform the PlayStation community with updates as the game gets closer to its June release date. The game director answers a variety of frequently asked queries from the PlayStation community on The Elder Scrolls Online: ZeniMax has recently revealed that ESO will have $14.99/month subscription fee , and that the game will come with a free month of play time. As with the free-to-play offerings on the PlayStation Network, gamers dont have to have a premium PS Plus sub in order to play. Firor also reveals that PlayStation will have its own dedicated serversthat is PC gamers and PS4 gamers wont be able to interactand that the servers will be region-specific: There are some benefits to this, as Firor outlined in his responses. Mixing PC-and-console players could be interesting in terms of trading and the like, but as PC owners get the game in April and console gamers in June, the levels would be skewed. Also one giant megaserver would mean no one can play when its down for maintenance. Now we go on to the button-mapping of the DualShock 4. Traditionally, epic MMOs have been rather awkward to play via a controller, but Firor affirms that ESO will feature similar controls to Skyrim, making the transition much more familiar. Unfortunately he didnt say anything about keyboard-and-mouse configurations. In case youre unfamiliar with The Elder Scrolls Online , ZeniMax Online (the parent company of Bethesda) is crafting an ambitious MMORPG set in the definitive Elder Scrolls universe. The game will be expansive and feature a multitude of MMO staples, all within the fantasy world of Nirn, complete with the races, lore, locations and general magic of the series. The director closed the session by saying that news on the incoming PS4 beta test will roll out soon, but no official date was given. ZeniMax revealed a few months ago that PlayStation owners will get exclusive first access to the ESO beta before Xbox One gamers, but we still dont know when thatll occursometime later this year. In any case, the studios best test continues onward with play sessions every weekend and new invitations sent out frequently. Hopefully the PS4 beta will be more open and less stringent on invites, as there are many gamers who have yet to try out the game. The Elder Scrolls Online is planned to release on April 14, 2014 for PC and Mac, and June for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more information or to sign up for the beta, be sure to check out the games official website . Via PlayStation Blog Derek is an avid fan of gaming and everything geeky, and is compelled to make his mark in the field of games journalism. When he's not gaming on a console (everything from SNES to X360) you can find him reading about ancient civilizations or enjoying a fantasy epic or two.
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