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Shared Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting-which One Will It Be?

Latest Hosting Posts Comments Loading... The debate whether to go for a shared or dedicated hosting for your web page is one that will not end easily. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and deciding on the best choice largely depends on your company specifications. Generally servers that are dedicated are more costly. They often also require more specialized skills and most people, when looking at it from this perspective, often ask if it is really worth it. In order to get the right answer, let's start by definition. dedicated servers have only one customer as the user of the server in comparison to shared servers where there can be hundreds of sites on a single server. From here you can immediately start to see the advantages of having a dedicated web server. While servers that are dedicated only have one customer, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can have only one web site. In fact, for huge organizations that have multiple departments, it is often more economical to have many domains on a server that is dedicated than having a server for each department. When it comes to opting for a dedicated hosting package, typically they are ideal for big organizations that have a huge web presence. They may have surpassed their potential with regards to shared servers. One might also want to customize certain aspects of their web presence and most shared servers don't allow for personalization. So if this is important for your company, then a server that is dedicated or cloud servers in some cases may be your only other alternative. However with all these benefits, one might ask what stops every organization from having this kind of web hosting some people do ask? The answer to this question is that they are generally much more costly. This is why usually only bigger businesses often use them. Most people who shift to this kind of servers will have started out on shared hosting platforms, but got to a point where their company had outgrown it. One wonderful thing about dedicated hosting that cannot go without mentioning is the advanced stage of protection on the web. Because your company is the only customer on this server, if you are cautious about your protection systems and anti-virus software, this greatly reduces the chance being infected. So they can easily fall victim to spyware which could then unintentionally affect your web site as well. Something else that cannot go without mentioning is that with dedicated hosting, one is offered an advanced stage of customer support. Because you are a more valuable customer, the providers usually go that extra mile to ensure that they are meeting your needs. So you always have access to their specialized help. With these few pointers, I bet you see why dedicated hosting is the ultimate winner. Author
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