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Reseller Hosting Demystified

Often, each shared hosting account allows you to host one domain at a time, with a single control panel and thats pretty much it. Most of the time, thats all people require, and so the need for these types of hosting environments will always exist. Often, when a host is first starting out, they wont have enough capital to afford their own server, and sometimes they dont have the time to commit to server maintenance as well as trying to market and grow their new Web venture. Websites need to be hosted on a server somewhere, but if the company offering the hosting services is in this situation, how can they offer competitive hosting packages without the increased expense of buying or renting their own server? This is where reseller-style hosting comes into the picture. What Is It? Reseller hosting is where a Web host buys a bulk plan from the reseller hosting company, and then subdivides that plan into smaller pieces to on-sell or "resell" to individual users. The reseller host provides large scale hosting packages where, for a fixed cost, substantial packages of space and bandwidth are made available, together with the ability to host bulk domain names. The individual Web host can then concentrate on providing packages and plans to attract customers, without having to own, manage and maintain their own server. Who Operates the Server? The sever is run by the reselling company, and all server issues are taken care of on behalf of the resellers customer: the Web host. The Web host is generally free to claim the server as "theirs", although they rarely have full access to it. However, this doesnt mean they cant ask for things to be done to the server. For example, if a particular host needs a module installed to help run a script they have, they can request that it be installed most reseller hosts are more than happy to install these items for their clients. So Why not Go Straight to the Reseller Host? Most site owners Web hosting needs are met through relatively small amounts of space and bandwidth. A reseller-style account involves a large amount of space and bandwidth, generally too much for a single site to ever use. Additionally, prices are generally more expensive at the reseller host than at the shared host; after all, the on-seller subdivides these larger chunks into smaller lots suitable to the average site owners needs. What is Unbranded Reselling About?
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