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February 24, 2016
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Advice To Help Make Web Hosting A Cinch

February 14, 2016
Does the idea of paying a lot of money for web hosting make you cringe? A quality web host need not cost an arm and a leg. Use the guidelines below to get the most from your provider at every price point.

When determining your needs for web page hosting, be sure to choose a host that is geographically close to your target demographic. If your target is the UK, make sure the host provider has its data center established in the UK too.

Always check into the security precautions provided as you shop for a web host. In today's society, websites come under attack quite often, and there are always a great number of potential threats. What procedures will a company use to deal with common threats like DDoS attacks? Inquire as to the risks imposed on your website in the event of a cyber attack on the web page hosting company.

Sign up for monthly billing for website hosting rather than paying in advance for longer service terms. You don't know how long the web host (or even your business) will stay open. If your web host's service goes down the toilet or you end up having your account closed for a breach of terms of service, you'll lose out on what you've already paid.

Are you stuck between choosing between a free hosting service and a paid provider? If so, then check into the service that the free web host provides and be sure that you back up all of your data. This is important because free web hosts typically don't back up your data. You risk losing your files entirely. If that happens, there is not much you can do about it.

Choose a hosting service that can offer you enough space for your website to grow. While a single HTML page takes up almost no space at all, adding media like photos and videos will quickly eat up your available space. Try to have access to at least 100 MB of space to ensure you have enough space Tsohost Promotional Code for your site to develop.

Now that you've read the above article, you should know how to properly discover cheaper website hosting that provides you similar or better services than the expensive types. An Internet business totally depends on its website hosting being Tsohost Promotional Code reliable, but you can get good service without it being too expensive. Use this article as a guide to knowing what to look for in a website hosting company and how to find the one that is exactly right for your needs.

NCET Tech Tips: Windows 10 and Microsoft's business vision - Reno Gazette Journal

January 31, 2016
Steve Cerocke.(Photo: Provided to the RGJ)

NCET explores business and technology.

Windows 10, Microsofts latest operating system, has been described as their best operating system ever, and based upon adoption rates, functionality and innovation that statement might be true.

Many users found Windows 8 too difficult to use and never upgraded from Windows 7;even with the changes that were introduced as part of 8.1, adoption has been low. With Windows 10, Microsoft has brought back some of the familiar navigation, added an action center and provided new versions of bundled software including a new Internet browser and Cortana, Microsofts version of a personal assistant popular on the latest version of the Windows phone.

One of the most powerful features of Windows 10 is the fact that it can run on standard desktop PCs, a slew of tablets that take advantage of pen and voice interfaces as well as the Microsoft phone platform. Not only is the OS interface consistent and familiar across devices, applications written for the OS can function across the product line.

Windows 10, however, is more than just an operating system. When used with Microsofts Cloud platforms like Office 365, it gives users and teams access to a set of enterprise business IT tools that are not available from any other manufacturer.

To really understand how this ecosystem can help your organization collaborate and compute from any device and from anywhere there is an Internet connection, you have to experience it. At the January NCET Tech Bite lunch we will be showcasing some of the latest business functionality found in Windows 10 and demonstrating how the OS coupled with Office 365 brings enterprise computing, communication and collaboration to businesses of any size.

On the product side we will demonstrate how the Windows 10 phones, Surface tablets and the newest PCs function under Windows 10 running the latest software from Microsoft. When Microsoft first introduced the Surface tablet line fouryears ago, one of their goals was to revitalize a slowing PC market. They are now working with major PC manufacturers that are building some of the fastest, thinnest and most innovative products coming to market.

Once you start to use Microsoft Windows 10-based business computing, home and mobile devices, you begin to understand how things like search with Cortana, cloud storage with One Drive and Office 365-based apps and services provide a seamless workflow and user interface. The fact that all of your devices work the same, and all of your services are consistent and reliable makes the computing, communication and entertainment experience simple yet powerful and predictable.

Steve Cerocke will be joined by several IQ team members who for over 22 years have focused on helping organizations deploy, manage and implement technology that drives business success. Learn more about IQ at

Learn more about Windows 10 and the Microsoft ecosystem at NCETs Tech Bite lunch on Jan.27. NCET is a member-supported nonprofit organization that produces networking events to help individuals and businesses explore and use technology. Register for the event and get more info at

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How to get root on a Linux box, step 1: Make four billion system calls

January 27, 2016
Oh look, it's another Linux kernel bug that allows a local user to escalate themselves to root.

In exploiting CVE-2016-0728, discovered by Perception Point, patience you must have, because you have to cycle a 32-bit integer in the kernel around to zero. That means making 4,294,967,296 system calls to exploit the vulnerability.

Patches have been issued for affected distributions, which nixCraft lists as:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.CentOS Linux 7.Scientific Linux 7.Debian Linux 8.x (jessie) and 9.x (stretch).SUSE Enterprise 12 (desktop, server and workstation flavours).Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr), 15.04 (Vivid Vervet), and 15.10 (Wily Werewolf).OpenSUSE Linux LEAP and 13.2.

So, get updating your systems.

The problem exists in kernels compiled with the Kernel Key Retention Service (aka the keyring service) which requires the CONFIG_KEYS kernel configuration switch to be enabled. The bug has been present for a few years.

CVE-2016-0728 is a reference-counting bug in the keyring code: Perception Point found that 32-bit integer variable called usage can be wrapped around to zero, opening up a use-after-free() hole that the researchers describe in great detail.

To wrap a 32-bit integer to zero means the attack code has to loop around 232 times, which is going to take a while. Perception Point's exploit against the 3.18 kernel took half an hour on an Intel Core i7-5500 CPU, but the team said usually time is not an issue in a privilege escalation exploit.

The Register's confirmed that CONFIG_KEYS is enabled in at least Ubuntu and Debian even though kernel chief Linus Torvalds' default kernel build config doesn't list it. Also, security defense mechanisms such as SMEP and SMAP, PaX, and SELinux, that should be enabled in kernels should defeat the exploit as it stands.

We're not so positive about Perception Point's statement that the vulnerability is present in 66 per cent of Android devices, though, because Android's kernel configuration guide doesn't enable keyrings although manufacturers and custom ROM makers could twiddle CONFIG_KEYS on. The Register has asked Perception Point to clarify this point.

Exploiting the bug on Android would require a lot of patience, anyhow: if it takes a Core i7 30 minutes to cycle through the values of usage, imagine how long 232 system calls are going to take on an ARM-based phone.

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How to get American Netflix in the UK, on iPad, iPhone, Mac & Apple TV

January 23, 2016
How can I watch the US version of Netflix here in the UK? They've got some great TV shows over there that I want to watch, but they're unavailable in the UK.

Yes, you can get US Netfix in the UK, and we'll show you how in this article.

If you're a fan of Netflix (the popular TV streaming service), you're probablyaware just how much better Netflix is in the US than here in the UK.Across the pond our American friends pay less for Netflix (the equivalent of 5.09 instead of 5.99); gallingly, for that lower cost US Netflix users get more movies and TV shows, and get the latest films and programmes long before they arrive in Blighty.

(To be fair, this discrepancy isn't reallyNetflix's fault; mostly it's because the US studios offer different deals to their domestic customers and the Britishgovernment charges a higher tax rate than is leviedin the US.)

No wonder British Netflix users are so keento get the same service as the Americans.But don't worry: it's possible to access the US Netflix service in the UK. In this feature we show you how to watch American Netflix shows and other content in the UK using arange of Apple devices: Mac,iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. But in each case the principle is the same: you'll be using a VPN, or virtual private network. Don't worry: we'll explain what that is, and how to use one.

Here are the main sections of this article, so you can jump to the bit you're interested in:

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Is it legal towatch US Netflix content in the UK?

All you need to do to watch US Netflix content is trick Netflix into thinking you are currently in the US. This is, as it turns out, remarkably easy to do.But at this point we should point out that this goes against the terms and conditions you signed up to when you signed up with Netflix.

The Netflix terms and conditions explicitly state: "You may view a movie or TV show through the Netflix service primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such movie or TV show."

So be warned that this is against the rules. To our knowledge Netflix doesn't check for people using this trick and hasn't blocked any users from accessing US Netflix in the UK. (A Quora user claims to have been told by a member of Netflix customer support, "we don't encourage nor recommend the use of [VPNs], but if you haven't had any issues while streaming, it won't affect anything on your account as we don't have an official stand about it". Take from that what you will.) But the companydoes have the right to suspend your service.

Whether it's legal or not to use a VPN is more of a grey area, and varies depending on locallaws, but it's hard to imagine anyone pursuing a case for copyright infringement. Indeed, manyobservers would argue that Netflix is technically broadcasting to the US, for which territory it obviously owns the broadcasting rights.

Assuming you're happy to proceed, having read all this, here is how you access US Netflix content on your Apple devices in the UK.

How to get American Netflix in the UK: How to use aVPN

Netflix provides a different service based upon where you're currently located. So if you access Netflix in the US you get American Netflix, while if you log on to Netflix from the UK you get the British edition. Netflix monitors your IP (Internet Protocol) address to determine where youare.

As we mentioned, Netflix has to strike different deals with the TV companies for each location, and generally the US edition of Netflix has a farbetter selection of movies and TV shows.

The good news is that it's pretty easy to watch US Netflix from the UK, because your account is international. If you ever visit the US you can watch US Netflix using your UK account. So you just have to trick Netflix into thinking you're in the US when you are actually in the UK.

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Using a VPN

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Using a VPN

If you've ever been to the US you can sign in to Netflix using your UK account details, and you'll notice that all the new content is available to you. This is because you essentially have an international license to use Netflix, but it delivers the content based on your actual location.

Netflix knows where you are by checking your IP (Internet Protocol) Address. This is a unique number that is assigned to your computer when it goes onto the Internet. The IP address is how the Internet knows to route which web pages (and other data) to which computer. You can find your IP address by opening Safari and typing IP Address into the Smart Search Field (Google will display your own IP address above the Google search results).

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Your IP address

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Your IP address

The trick is to change your IP address so that Netflix thinks you're in America. You do this by signing up with a VPN.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, works like a second internet sitting between you and the larger internet, your computer connects to the VPN, which then connects to the internet. You ask it for the website, it sends the website to you. The VPN itself can be based anywhere, but you want one that's based in the USA. The VPN talks to Netflix, and Netflix thinks it's talking to a computer inside the USA, and the VPN passes the show on to you.

Can youtrust VPN companies?

One last thing to bear in mind: the company running the VPN service theoretically has the power to intercept your web traffic, so be cautious about the company you sign up with (as usual when trust is involved, it's best to go for a big name that has something to lose if it gets caught misbehaving), and remember to switch off the VPN when you stop using Netflix. You won't need it when logging on to your online banking, for example, and you could suffer badly if the VPN company turns out to be untrustworthy.

That, then, ishow you use a VPN.Sounds complex? It isn't really, because there are some great free services out there that make it easy. Two in particular come recommended: Hola and Tunnelbear. Let's look at how these services work.

How to get American Netflix in the UK: On Mac I (using the Hola VPN service)

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Hola

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Hola

Hola is a free VPN service that works by a plug-in with your browser. The only gripe we have with Hola is that it doesn't work with Safari, instead you have to use either Chrome or Firefox web browsers (we're going to use Firefox). Here is how to use Hola to access Netflix:

Open Firefox and visit www.hola.orgClick Sign Up. Enter your email address and a password you want to use. Click Create Account.Open Mail and look for a message with "Verify your Hola email address" as the subject. Click the link in the email address.Click Get Hola, It's Free.Click Allow and Install Now.

This will install the Hola extension in Firefox. You will see it in the top-right displaying the American flag. This means that you are viewing from America. Now all you need to do is load the Netflix website, but stop! Netflix has been under increasing pressure to block Hola and other VPN services, and if you go to it doesn't work. There is a workaround: log into For now this seems to work, but for how long we cant say.

Log into your account and browse as normal.

How to get American Netflix in the UK: OnMac II (using theTunnelBear VPN service)

How to get American Netflix in the UK: TunnelBear

How to get American Netflix in the UK: TunnelBear

If you'd rather watch Netflix in Safari then there is another option. Use TunnelBear instead of Hola. TunnelBear works as a Mac OS X app, although you need to sign up and log in to your account.

Once you've signed up with TunnelBear you get an icon in the Menu bar, click the switch to On and ensure that the drop-down menu says "United States".

Now log into Netflix as normal (you can even use the regular address instead of using the trick). With TunnelBear installed and running you can watch Netflix movies in Safari on your Mac.

The only downside of TunnelBear is that you get 500MB of free data every month, although you can get an extra 1GB per month by tweeting an advert for TunnelBear. If you find the service useful you can pay $4.99 per month to get unlimited tunnelling.

How to get American Netflix in the UK: On Mac III (using the TunnelBlick VPN service)

There's a lot of difference of opinion when it comes to VPNs, and which VPNs are best or most trustworthy. So here's a third option: TunnelBlick.

One of my colleagues hasTunnelBlick installed on his Mac so hecan connect and disconnect to the VPN whenever needed directly from the toolbar, makes life a little easier. (He gets his my actual VPN access from a website called - it's $4.99 a month and my colleague hashad no issues accessing US Netflix, along with blocked sites such asThe Pirate Bay.) All hehad to do was add hisconfiguration to TunnelBlick from and hewas able to connect instantly, and the 'location' can be changed from the website.

My colleague points out that it'salways best to pay for a VPN server rather than use one of the 50p (or worse, free) servers online because they are more likely to value your privacy.As we mentioned above, hetends to only enable theVPN for specific reasons (torrent, US Netflixand so on) and disables it before logging into email, online bankingor similar,as the trafficcan be accessed by the VPN provider.

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Apple TV

How to get US Netflix in the UK: Using Netflix with AirPlay

How to get US Netflix in the UK: Using Netflix with AirPlay

The easiest way to watch US Netflix from the UK is to use your Mac to stream the Netflix show, and use AirDrop to send it to the Apple TV. Because both Hola and TunnelBear work via the Mac, if you try to sign in with the Netflix app on your Apple TV you will be sent back to the UK website.

Follow these steps to watch Netflix shows on your Apple TV:

Open using either the Hola or TunnelBear method.Start playing a show.Click the Full Screen icon in the bottom right of Netflix.Scroll to the top of the screen to reveal the Menu bar, click on the AirPlay icon and choose Apple TV.

The TV show will now start to play on your Apple TV. We think this is the best method, but if you really want to get your Apple TV to play American shows directly using the Netflix app on the Apple TV you can change the DNS settings on your router to those provided by your VPN service.

There are many different VPN services available, although comes highly commended. They have lots of tutorials to help you set up VPN, and you can even buy pre-configured routers ( We think this is overkill if all you want to do is watch the occasional show from US, and it's easier to use or TunnelBear and use AirPlay mirroring.

If you're keen to learn more about the Apple TV, by the way, here are some basic tips:

How to get American Netflix in the UK: iPad & iPhone

As we've seen, on a Mac laptop or Apple TV it'spretty easy to get American Netflix in the UK; it's simpleenough to install an app like Hola or TunnelBear on a Mac. But readers often ask us if it's possible to use Hola or TunnelBear on an iPad (or an iPhone). It is!

Use a VPN (Hola) for iPad or iPhone

How to get US Netflix in the UK: Installing Hola on iPad

How to get US Netflix in the UK: Installing Hola on iPad

Hola is one of the main services that people turn to when wanting to watch US television or access other US-only services while based in the UK.

When you're using Mac OS X, Hola is a plug-in for the Chrome or Firefox web browsers (but not for Safari, unfortunately). The good news is that Hola is available for the iPad (and iPhone) in the form of an app. Here's how to install Hola on the iPad:

Download the Hola app from the App Store.If you already have a Hola account, log in with your email and password. Alternatively, enter a new email and password and click Create Account.The Hola app now walks you through installing the VPN settings on your iPad (or iPhone). Click Ok, Let's Do It.The app switches to Safari, which loads some settings, then switches automatically to Settings in the Install Profile section.Tap Install.If your iPad has a passcode lock, enter the four-digit code.Tap Next, Install, Install and Next.Tap Done.

You have now set up Hola to act as a VPN (virtual private network) on your iOS device. It will be ready to steam shows from America to your Netflix app on the iPhone or iPad.

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Select VPN on iOS

How to get American Netflix in the UK: Select VPN on iOSUse a VPN (TunnelBear) for iPad or iPhone

TunnelBear is another option for watching US Netflix in the UK. On the Mac, TunnelBear is a separate app that makes it easy to divert all your internet traffic through the TunnelBear server. On the iPad and iPhone, TunnelBear is also an app that you download from the App Store.

TunnelBear on the Mac works very differently to Hola on a Mac, but on iOS both serviceswork in a largely similar manner.

Get watching!

Once you've got Hola or TunnelBear set up on your iPhone or iPad you should be able to watch Netflix using the Netflix app.

You do this in iOS by turning on the VPN service in settings. Follow these steps to turn on the VPN:

Tap Settings and VPN.Scroll down and check that Hola United States has a tick next to it. If you do not see Hola United States you may need to follow the Hola installation again.Tap the switch next to Not Connected to set it to On.Wait for the switch to change from Connecting to Connected.

Now open the Netflix app. If you've done every right, it should be displaying the content from the American version of Netflix. Happy viewing!

11 tips to speed up a slow iPad

January 18, 2016
If you own an older model of iPad - perhaps an iPad 1, 2 or 3, or the iPad mini 1 - then the chances are that it isn't running as quickly as you like. Even thoughiOS is a modern operating system that requires minimal maintenance, it still gets full and slows down over time.

Sometimes even relatively new models feel sluggish compared to the way they soared when brand-new.

There are many different techniques for speeding up an old or slowed-down iPad, and here are some of the ones that we've found to be most effective.

This article is a slideshow, so turn to the next slide to read the first of our 10 great iPad speed tips. Alternatively, take a look at the other tips, tutorials and general advice for iPad owners in the articles linked below.

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If you own an older model of iPad - perhaps an iPad 1, 2 or 3, or the iPad mini 1 - then the chances are that it isn't running as quickly as you like. Even thoughiOS is a modern operating system that requires minimal maintenance, it still gets full and slows down over time.

Sometimes even relatively new models feel sluggish compared to the way they soared when brand-new.

There are many different techniques for speeding up an old or slowed-down iPad, and here are some of the ones that we've found to be most effective.

This article is a slideshow, so turn to the next slide to read the first of our 10 great iPad speed tips. Alternatively, take a look at the other tips, tutorials and general advice for iPad owners in the articles linked below.

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69 great iPad tutorials: Get more out of your iPad

How to use Settings in iOS to configure your iPad

40 awesome tips & tricks for iPad users

Windows 10 makes big gains at home, lags at work

January 12, 2016
Our monthly look at desktop operating system market share has turned up something interesting: Windows 10 looks to be a hit at home but a laggard at work.

We're basing that assessment on the US government's helpful analytics service, which among other things records the operating systems hitting government web sites. Uncle Sam lets us download the las 90 days worth of data on that matter, which we started using in December to augment our regular look at OS market share data from Netmarketshare and Statcounter.

Those two outfits both report steady growth for Windows 10 in December.

Netmarketshare had Windows 10 kicking up from 9.00 per cent in November to 9.96 per cent in December. That's behind its 10.3 per cent share for Windows 8.1 and a resurgent Windows XP, up from 10.59 per cent to 10.93 per cent. The company has Windows 7 dipping by 0.43 to 55.68 per cent between November and December.

Statcounter has Windows 10 11.97 per cent, a big jump from November's 10.18 per cent after Windows 8.1 dipped from 13.02 per cent to 12.14 per cent. Stacounter can't find a jump for XP, but did find just a .05 per cent dip to 8.45 per cent market share. The firm did find a sharpish drop for Windows 7, down from 49.27 per cent to 47.45 per cent.

Windows 10 is building nicely then, just as Microsoft said when it revealed last week that it now runs on 200 million devices.

Uncle Sam's data, however, suggests that most of those devices are in homes, not offices.

Here's our graph of the US government data, expressed as each Windows version's percentage share of the total of Windows traffic reaching federal web sites.

Windows traffic to US government websites 90 days to Jan 10 2016

Windows traffic to US government websites 90 days to Jan 10 2016. Click here to enlarge.

See how Windows 7 peaks for five days, then dips? And see how Windows 10 and Windows 8.x surge at the same time Windows 7 dips? Line up the days from the data and you'll quickly see that Windows 7 thrives during the working week and other versions of Windows do better on weekends. The data over on the right hand edge of the graph re-enforces matters as it shows that during the Christmas/New Year period, when plenty of people get time off work due to either mandated holidays or annual leave, Windows 7 takes a longer nap and other Windows versions spend more time out and about.

Microsoft won't be too upset by Uncle Sam's kinky graph: despite always having a few case studies of businesses that rushed to adopt the new version of Windows it knows that businesses are more conservative than individuals and will take longer to make the move. And of course the company is hurrying things along with tactics like killing off pre-loaded Windows 7 Pro as of Halloween 2016 and ending support for old versions of Internet Explorer.

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69 great iPad tutorials: Get more out of your iPad

January 5, 2016
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Busy Christmas season for Peterborough police: A roundup of crimes ... - Peterborough Examiner

December 29, 2015
ATM targeted twice

An ATM located on the Trent University campus appeared to have been tampered with Christmas Day, city police report, with money stolen during a second attempt after police left the first time.

Trent Security was called to the campus after a fire alarm went off at Otonabee College. Firefighters and security crews then noticed the ATM had damage that looked like it was caused by some sort of torch. There was no fire evident.

Police were called and determined no money was missing from the ATM.

Damage is estimated at between $2,000 and $5,000.

At about 4:38 p.m., Trent Security's patrol noted further damage to the ATM and saw a garbage pail that had been moved close to it, and called police.

Officers found that the machine had been pried open and cash was stolen. The amount is unknown.

Anyone with information is asked to call city police at 705-876-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Christmas burglary

A Wilson St. home was entered via an insecured door Christmas Day at about noon.

No damage was caused, but $200 worth of alcohol, food, costume jewelry and $100 in U.S. cash was taken.

Anyone with information is asked to call city police at 705-876-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Break-in on Applewood

Police are looking into a burglary at an Applewood Rd. home sometime between Dec. 21 and Dec. 23 while its occupants were away.

Someone got in through a basement window and stole a PlayStation 3 and two games worth $200.

Anyone with information is asked to call city police at 705-876-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

St. Andrew's Church

A local church was burglarized sometime between 4 p.m. Sunday and 6:10 a.m. Monday, say police.

St. Andrews United Church on Rubidge Street was entered via a door that was pried off, causing $130 damage.

About $50 in Canadian currency was stolen from the office.

Police soon learned an unknown man had been found in the church on Christmas Day at 9:10 p.m. At the time, the theft had not occurred, so police weren't called.

Officers would now like to speak to the man, who is described as a white male, 5'10"-5'11", in his 30s, with a muscular build. He was wearing a black padded hooded jacket, and had a black moustache.

Anyone with information is asked to call city police at 705-876-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Break-in on Wilson St.

Someone broke into a house on Wilson St. on Boxing Day between 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

A black Sony Vaio Laptop and a Nexus 7 Tablet were taken from the residence. The value of the theft is estimated at $1,400.

Anyone with information is asked to call city police at 705-876-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

George St. burglary

A Dynek 32" flat screen TV and two Ryobi drills worth $379 were taken from a George St. Southg home sometime between Dec. 24 and 26.

A ground floor window was pried open to gain entry, say police.

Anyone with information is asked to call city police at 705-876-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Breach of undertaking

When police arrived at a George St. bar at 1:12 a.m. Tuesday to deal with a report of a disturbance involving men on the street, they spotted a local man known to be under conditions to stay away from alcohol.

Police allege Teddy Erstling, 22, was staggering and yelling at another group of people.

He was arrested and charged with Breach of Undertaking. He will appear in court on Jan.14.

Domestic case

Police went to a Perry St. home just after midnight Tuesday to deal with a report of a domestic assault.

It's alleged that a man came home drunk and grabbed a woman by the wrist before she locked herself in the bathroom. He then allegedly kicked in the door, which hit her in the knee. She was not injured.

The man was charged with domestic assault and held in custody.His name was not released.

Officers see argument

Police officers on patrol at about 11:35 p.m. Sunday saw a man and woman arguing at George and Hunter streets. When the officers investigated, they found the both the man and woman are currently before the courts on charges stemming from a previous altercation. They are both subject to conditions requiring them to stay away from each other and to avoid alcohol, while the man was required to be in his home 24 hours a day unless accompanied by a person approved by the court.

Both were arrested. The woman was charged with two counts of breach of recognizance and the man was charged with four counts of breach of Recognizance.Both were held in custody and appeared in court on Monday. Their names were not released.

Mischief charge

Police were called to a McDonnel St. apartment building Christmas Day to deal with a man allegedly breaking windows in the building at about 10:37 p.m.

Officers were told the man had been involved in an argument with his girlfriend, who left the building. He told officers he broke the windows out of anger.

He was arrested and charged with mischief.

Police soon determined that the man was wanted in connection with a broken window at a Sherbrooke St. business Dec. 14 at 4 p.m.

He was held and charged with another count of mischief.

Police did not release his name to protect the woman's identity.

Domestic arrest

A man and woman were both arrested and charged after an argument over money allegedly turned physical at a Clonsilla Ave. residence.

Police say the woman allegedly hit the man in the head with a beer bottle before cutting him with a knife. The man allegedly punched the woman and bit her face.

The man had a three-inch laceration to his chest. Both were treated at Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

The woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The man was charged with assault and released for a court date Jan. 14, while the woman was held in custody.

Their names were not released.

Holiday tech support: 7 tips for Windows computers - The Verge

December 22, 2015
It's that time again: Thanksgiving. For the past 12 months you've been telling your parents to just "restart it" and the family PC has been running fine, kind of. You just want to enjoy your oven-roasted turkey on Thursday, but your parents are ready to embrace your technical skills. This year, it's time to fix all the little problems on the family PC and make sure it's easy to resolve others in the future. Here's a crash course on the type of questions you're going to get on Thursday.

My computer is too slow

This one is a classic one, and most people will complain about slow PCs. The best place to start is to make sure the system drive isn't full. If there's not a lot of free space then it's time to perform some clean ups. Windows has a built-in disk clean-up tool, and it's a good place to start. It probably won't clear all of the space issues, so it's worth checking out the downloads folder or any of the documents, videos, and music libraries to see if there are any unnecessary files taking up a lot of space.

Windows 10 disk clean up Windows 10 disk clean up

Space issues aside, a computer can also run slowly if there are a lot of apps running. A common culprit is apps that run at start-up. If you're on Windows 10 then launching the task manager and heading to more details and then the start-up section is a good place to start. Try disabling apps from starting up if they're not necessary, but be careful with what you're disabling and avoid disabling anything Microsoft-related or any apps you're not sure about. If you're on an older version of Windows then the same start-up section can be found by going to start > run and typing msconfig and then heading to the start-up tab.

I hate this Windows 8 start screen

Windows 10 is a free upgrade

If your parents are like many others then they probably hate Windows 8. Thankfully, Microsoft has an easy and free upgrade that removes most of the frustrations. If the family isn't running Windows 10 yet then check the system tray for an upgrade notification to get the PC upgraded.You can even skip the line if you don't want to wait, but make sure that you backup all important files before you move to Windows 10 just in case.

My printer won't work

I know what you're thinking, who owns a printer these days unless it's a 3D one? Unfortunately, we still need to print occasionally so you might run into some issues with the family PC. If you've tried resetting the printer and you're still having issues then check the print queue from the print icon in the system tray. You might see a document from last month sitting in there continually trying to print or with some kind of error. Clear it out and then try a fresh document. Also make sure your parents haven't accidentally enabled the "use printer offline" option, because that's really no fun.

Windows 10 Printer Windows 10 Printer

Lost files

We've all been there. Wiping out hours of work by mistake is painful, but there are ways to avoid this. If you've lost a few files, there's a high chance they may have just hit the Recycle Bin so check there first. If they're truly gone then try a free recovery tool like Recuva. If you're lucky and they were only recently deleted then you should be able to recover them easily, otherwise you'll need to look into more expensive data recovery options if you really want the files back.

Make sure you create a backup so file restores are easy in the future

To prevent this in the future, get your parents a USB hard drive and set up Windows backup. On Windows 10 it's as simple as searching for "File History" and selecting the drive to automatically back up folders like documents, music, and movies. There are more advanced options, but you'll be able to recover files and folders by right clicking and "restore previous versions" within File Explorer. That will make things a lot easier if files disappear from the family PC in the future.

Windows 10 PC backup Windows 10 PC backup

Browser home page is weird

A lot of apps hijack your home page by default these days, even Microsoft's own Skype installer will switch you over to MSN. Usually it's fairly innocuous, but if Internet Explorer is suddenly starting on a random fake version of Google then it might be time to check on the anti-virus status of the PC. Windows 8 and Windows 10 provide built-in malware protection with Windows Defender, but if you're running Windows 7 or older then grab a copy of Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free and you'll be able to run a quick scan to see if there are any issues. Browser hijacks are fairly common and easy to remove, so Security Essentials will restore you back to whatever homepage you're comfortable with.

Help for the future

You don't need to travel to help fix the family PC

These are just some basics, but if you're tired of your parents calling you at odd times or pestering you to visit and fix their PC then it's time to get ready for the future. Install something likeTeamViewer so you can remotely help the next time there's a support problem. It's free for personal use, and it's really easy to use for both you and your family. Who knows, maybe next Thanksgiving you'll be able to eat your turkey in peace as a result.

Teamviewer Teamviewer

Buy your way out of this problem

If your family PC is really old then it might be time for a hardware upgrade. There are plenty of PC options thanks to the release of Windows 10, and if your parents don't need a full PC then there are lots of laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks to consider. Check out our fullbest laptop,best tablet, andbest Chromebook guides for hardware recommendations.

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